Exploring the Top LSV Carts for Sale in New Smyrna Beach
Exploring the Top LSV Carts for Sale in New Smyrna Beach

Exploring the Top LSV Carts for Sale in New Smyrna Beach

September 1, 2023

Are you looking for a street-legal LSV golf cart in New Smyrna Beach? Well, you’re in luck! At DeBary Golf Carts, we specialize in offering only street-legal carts. In this article, we will delve into the world of LSV street legal golf carts, discussing their features, benefits, and the exceptional options available at DeBary Golf Carts.

What Makes a Golf Cart Street Legal?

Before we dive into the exciting options, let’s first understand what makes a golf cart street legal. LSV (Low-Speed Vehicle) street-legal carts come packed with various features that make them road-ready. These features include headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, hazard flashers, a DOT-approved windshield (which can be folding or solid), seat belts for each passenger, exterior side mirrors, parking brake, horn, tag light with license plate bracket, VIN number, and a title.

The Freedom of LSV Carts

The true allure of LSV carts lies in their versatility. These carts are not confined to golf courses; they can be driven on any public roadway with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less. This freedom grants you the convenience of navigating your town and neighborhood effortlessly. Whether dropping the kids off at school, catching up with friends, running errands, or enjoying a leisurely ride, LSV carts make it all possible.

Embracing the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Concept

LSV street legal carts are often called “neighborhood electric vehicles.” This label perfectly encapsulates their role as an accessible and practical mode of local transportation. They’re not just golf carts; they’re your ticket to convenient mobility within your community.

Seamless Tag and Title Processing

When you choose DeBary Golf Carts for your LSV street-legal golf cart, you’re in for a hassle-free experience. We take care of your tag and title work directly through the DMV, saving you from unnecessary trips. Plus, we offer a temporary tag upon purchase, valid for 30 days while we process your DMV transaction.

Exploring Your LSV Cart Options

Now, let’s explore the fantastic range of LSV carts available at DeBary Golf Carts:

1. The Kandi Kruiser: Unbeatable Toughness

The Kandi Kruiser deserves your attention if you seek ruggedness at an unbeatable price point. Designed to conquer all terrains, this cart boasts features like a front bumper guard, LED spotlight, lift kit, and 14-inch all-terrain tires. With a 17-digit VIN plate straight from the manufacturer, it’s ready for the road as an LSV; no modifications are needed. Enjoy extras like USB charging ports, a front basket, and bright LED lights for enhanced visibility. The full-length roof and folding DOT windshield add comfort and control. A full-length roof protects from the sun, and a folding DOT windshield allows you to control the airflow on your ride. Maintenance-free batteries and a built-in onboard charger ensure a very carefree ownership experience.

2. The Epic E Series: Luxurious Comfort

The Epic E series takes luxury to a whole new level. This cart offers a sedan-like driving experience with top-tier suspension, braking, handling, and comfort. Its standard features include a solid glass DOT windshield, automatic windshield wipers, over-the-shoulder seatbelts, a backup camera, Ecoxgear sound bar, color-matching stitched seats, high/low-speed switch, locking gloveboxes, and integrated turn signals in the side mirrors. With AGM batteries and on-board charging, maintenance concerns are a thing of the past.

Stop by DeBary Golf Carts Today!

Owning a street-legal LSV cart opens up a world of convenience and adventure. From cruising around the neighborhood to running errands, these carts are more than just vehicles; they’re lifestyle enablers. At DeBary Golf Carts, we offer top-notch options like the rugged Kandi Kruiser and the luxurious Epic E series. Whatever your preference, we’re here to make your LSV cart dreams a reality. Stop by our store today and speak with one of our sales associates to get you into your new LSV cart today! 

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