Kandi Golf Carts are Taking America by Storm! 
Kandi Golf Carts are Taking America by Storm! 

Kandi Golf Carts are Taking America by Storm! 

December 4, 2023

Today, we embark on an exciting journey exploring the revolutionary world of golf carts, how they’re transforming the golf course and beyond, plus our perception of convenient and sustainable mobility. Gone are the days when golf carts were seen merely as functional vehicles for traversing the greens. 

Today, they symbolize innovation, luxury, and a forward-thinking approach to transportation, from cutting-edge designs to eco-friendly technologies. Join us as we uncover the latest trends, the most impressive models, and the future potential of these incredible machines. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast, a tech-savvy individual, or just curious about the evolving world of transport, there’s something here for everyone. Let’s explore the future together, one Epic golf cart at a time!

Who is Kandi America?

Here at DeBary Golf Carts, we offer two brands of LSV street-legal golf carts, one of which is Kandi America. Kandi is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and primarily focuses on producing and distributing electric vehicles and equipment. Kandi Technologies Group Inc. is publicly traded on NASDAQ as KNDI. Kandi was originally founded in 2002, and United States operations launched in 2018. 

\Over the years, Kandi has manufactured several electric vehicle models before eventually debuting in ATVs and the Kruiser golf cart in 2020. Kandi’s mission is to offer both affordability and accessibility of secondary transportation of the electric vehicle market with the golf cart line while partnering with proud dealerships that provide service and support for the Kandi product line.

Standard Equipment

Kandi is no stranger to building durable, well-performing products, especially for the Kandi Kruiser. This model should be on your radar if you want an LSV street-legal golf cart. The Kruiser offers a rugged and tough build for access to all types of terrain, all for an unbeatable price point. These features include a front bumper guard, LED spotlight, lifted 14-inch wheels with all-terrain tires, and more. 

Standard LSV features include 17-digit vehicle identification numbers, state title, DOT two-piece folding windshield, side mirrors, LED headlights and taillights, horn, backup alarm, turn signals, hazard flashers, emergency brake, seat belts for all passengers, tag light with license plate bracket, and 25 MPH speed. The LSV Street Legal Kruiser is offered exclusively at certified Kandi dealerships like ours! 

Kruiser Line Up

The Kandi Kruiser is now offered in multiple “trim levels”-AGM, Lithium, Solar, Utility, and PRO. We’ll break down the differences between each model.


The AGM was the debut build of Kruiser for 2020 and is still one of the top choices for golf cart buyers today. Standard with 48V AGM gel matted maintenance-free and sealed batteries, a 5kW AC electric motor, a board smart charger, a new 7-inch digital display screen with state of charge reading, 5-digit odometer, digital numeric speedometer, and a backup camera. 

The Kruiser 4P is a four-passenger golf cart with two seats facing forward and two facing the rear. The rear seats also fold into a platform with access to a built-in cooler. A full-length roof, front independent MacPherson struts, front disc and rear drum brakes, and aluminum wheels are standard features on the Kruiser, making it a comfortable yet safe golf cart to enjoy. 

In 2021, Kandi debuted with the Kruiser 6P, a six-passenger model with the same great features as the Kruiser 4P. However, Kandi went above and beyond with the 6P and included electronic power steering, a game-changer in the golf cart industry! Effortless maneuverability, aggressive turning radius, and ease of parking make the Kruiser 6P a strong competitor for a multi-passenger cart. 


In 2022, Kandi announced their all-new line of Lithium-powered carts to be available in the Kruiser for the 2023 model year. The “Lithium Iron Phosphate” battery is deemed one of the most advanced batteries on the global market. Kandi’s lithium battery is a standard 48V 150aH. These benefits include longer battery life, faster charge time, lighter weight, more extended range, and still maintenance-free. Compared to most lithium batteries on the market with Cobalt material, the Kandi lithium iron phosphate battery provides better thermal stability, can withstand more charge cycles, and is produced with non-toxic materials. 

The Kruiser Lithium comes standard with a 7-inch digital screen reflecting the state of charge, voltage output, numeric speedometer, and odometer. The Kruiser Lithium is also standard with an exceptional backup camera, pre-wired for a winch hook-up, and more durable passenger armrests. The Kruiser Lithium is currently offered in both the 4P and 6P. 


Like Lithium, Kandi also announced the all-new Solar Kruiser in 2022, available for purchase as a 2023 model year. The entire roof of the Kruiser Solar comes with one long solar panel and an onboard self-management system. The solar harnesses the power of the sun to charge the AGM maintenance-free batteries, giving a significantly longer range and dramatically reducing the need for external charging. 

The Solar trim level is based on the AGM Kruiser cart, offering the same features for comfort and performance. The Solar is ideal for buyers who plan to park their golf cart outside often, those who don’t always have immediate access to a plug-in outlet, and those who are out and about most of the day on their cart. Currently, the Solar is offered exclusively on the Kruiser 4P. 


In mid-2022, Kandi announced the Kruiser 2P Utility golf cart, a perfect option for many fleet companies, school and housing maintenance departments, farm owners, and those needing a handy cart around the yard. Based on the Kruiser AGM platform, the Utility trim is equipped as a two-passenger cart with a hydraulic shock rear dump bed and mini opening tailgate, 3500 lb. front winches with both a wired and wireless remote, and a 1500 lb. towing capacity when equipped with a 2-inch towing hitch. 


All new for the 2024 model year, Kandi announced in October of 2023 the latest member of the Kruiser family 4PRO series. The PRO will be offered in two different layouts with two seats facing forward and two facing rear and the 4PRO Forward with all four facing forward. The PRO series carts will come standard with the 48V 150aH lithium battery, 5kW AC electric motor, lifted with 14-inch wheels and all-terrain tires, an industry-leading 10-inch touchscreen with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a backup camera, front AND rear storage compartments, over the shoulder seatbelts for all four passengers, folding armrests, integrated turn signals in the side mirrors, electric power steering, and optional tow hitch! The PRO will also be offered in multiple new colors for the Kruiser lineup, an entirely new design both inside and out, and an ultimate top competitor in the golf cart market. 

Why Kandi?

Kandi is one of the most durable multi-purpose golf carts on the market. With its comfortable ride, spacious seating, and user-friendly technology, the Kandi is always ready to handle any conditions while you share adventures with your friends and family. You can trust Kandi to take care of your alternative transportation needs, and with zero maintenance, you will spend more time enjoying your golf cart! 

Golf Carts for Sale in Cocoa Beach at DeBary Golf Carts 

As we wrap up our exploration of Kandi golf carts, it’s clear that the humble golf cart has evolved into a symbol of innovation and versatility. These carts are no longer just about golf; they represent a shift towards more sustainable, efficient, and adaptable modes of transportation. Throughout this blog, we’ve witnessed incredible design, technology, and functionality advancements, showcasing how these vehicles paved the way for a greener and more connected world. 

Whether on the golf course, in gated communities, or as part of urban mobility solutions, golf carts are redefining the boundaries of travel. Stop by DeBary Golf Carts today to browse our selection of Kandi golf carts!

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