The Future on Wheels: How Epic Golf Carts Are Changing the Game
The Future on Wheels: How Epic Golf Carts Are Changing the Game

The Future on Wheels: How Epic Golf Carts Are Changing the Game

January 1, 2024

DeBary Golf Carts is proud to offer Epic golf carts, a brand at the forefront of this transformation. Headquartered in Tampa and born from a vision in Texas, Epic Carts challenges the conventional by infusing luxury car elements into the versatility of electric carts. Join us as we explore what makes Epic Carts a distinguished name in the industry, from their LSV street legal status to their bespoke craftsmanship. 

We will take you behind the scenes of their state-of-the-art manufacturing process, delve into the features that set them apart, and showcase how they redefine transportation on and off the golf course. Whether you’re cruising the streets of Kissimmee or navigating the fairways, an Epic Cart is more than a vehicle—it’s a statement. Let’s tee off and discover the future on wheels together!

Who are Epic Carts?

Here at DeBary Golf Carts, we offer two brands of LSV street-legal golf carts, one of which is Epic golf carts. Epic is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. They aim to top the charts with a quality, luxurious-built golf cart straight from the factory. Originating in Texas approximately ten years ago, founder Sean Heatley thought: What if there was a way to get all the benefits of an electric car with the customizability of a golf cart? Thus, Epic Carts was born. In 2020, Epic Carts joined the ICON Electric Vehicle family. 

Today, Epic is recognized as ICON EV’s premier luxury brand, with ICON and Epic being the country’s fourth largest golf cart manufacturer. Epic’s cutting-edge manufacturing process means only the finest golf carts are produced at their facilities, and partnered with prestigious dealerships to offer this sleek brand for sale.  

Standard Equipment

Epic is known for two things-luxury and quality, so if either of these things is essential to you for your next golf cart, Epic should be a top choice. Epic owners love the sleek overall design that others will immediately notice when driving an Epic Cart. All Epics also come standard as LSV street legal, one more reason why they are among the best golf carts in today’s market. Other standard luxury features on every Epic Cart include:

  • a solid glass DOT windshield with automatic windshield wiper
  • over-the-shoulder seat belts
  • ECOXGEAR soundbar with Bluetooth/FM/EcoCast/USB
  • built-in color-changing LED lights
  • 7-inch digital display screen with state of charge and MPH gages
  • built-in backup camera
  • high back bolstered seats with color-matched diamond stitching
  • high-low speed switch
  • locking gloveboxes
  • carbon fiber style dash overlay
  • two-sided lit side mirrors, pre-wired 12V switches for additional accessories
  • full-length color matching roof
  • automatic electronic locking e-brake
  • comes in multiple exterior colors, most with a beautiful metallic flake to give the ultimate shine. 

Epic also offers an incredible industry-leading frame and suspension build, powder-coated steel chassis, 4-wheel disc brakes, and independent coil-over suspension, providing an ultra-quiet and perfectly smooth ride experience like a luxury sedan. 

Epic Line Up

Epic Carts offers several layouts for their carts, including lifted and non-lifted, along with 2, 4, and 6-passenger options. All Epic Carts are automatically equipped with standard equipment, a 5kW AC Electric motor, 48V AGM gel matted maintenance-free and sealed batteries, and a board smart charger. We’ll break down the differences between each layout. 


Epic offers 3 layouts for their lifted cart series. All raised Epics will come standard with 14-inch wheels, a front grille guard, a front storage basket, and gloss black fender flares, all giving it an aggressive appearance and a ride capable of any terrain. 

The E40L is the standard four-passenger platform with two seats facing forward and two chairs facing rear. The rear seats also fold flat into a stainless-steel rust-free platform, convenient for hauling a cooler, a trip to the grocery store, sporting equipment, and more. 

The E40FL is Epic’s most highly sought-after platform, which all four passengers face forward. This style gives the feeling of riding in a car, making conversation and interactions easier between passengers. The E40FL also has a small open-top basket attached to the back behind the second row of seats, with built-in golf bag holders, making this a practical layout for golfing OR simply toting a few items around from a trip to the store, going to the beach, etc.

The E60L is the foremost of the Epic Carts. It offers all of the top-of-the-line equipment, features, and seating for six total passengers, with the first two rows facing forward and the third row facing rear, with the same rear seat stainless steel fold-down platform. The E60L is ideal for larger families, after-school activities, community festivals, holiday gatherings, or your entire crew of friends to ride around town! 


Epic also offers 3 layouts for their non-lifted cart series. All non-lifted Epics will come standard with the same luxurious features and build, except for 12-inch wheels wrapped in street/turf-friendly tires and the clean appearance of no grille guard or front basket. The non-lifted series is perfect for those wanting a grand impression on the golf course or neighborhood cruising and has effortless accessibility for getting on and off the cart.

The E20 is Epic Cart’s premier golf course-equipped cart. These will instead have a 2-piece fold-down windshield, lap belts, and built-in steering wheel clipboard/pencil holder for your golf scorecards. They will also come equipped with two sand bottles, a small cooler, a golf ball and club washer, golf ball holders, a small open basket, golf bag holders, and a collapsable rain shield in the rear. The E20 is fully loaded to hit the golf course immediately; just grab your golf bags and a friend! 

The E40 is the standard four-passenger platform with two seats facing forward and two seats facing rear. The rear seats will also have the fold-flat option to a stainless-steel platform. The E40 is another fantastic option for heading to the golf course OR to cruise around town, offering versatility with easy on and off access, turf-friendly tires, and ease of parking in limited areas.

The E60 is the ultimate versatile cart in the Epics lineup, with total seating for six passengers, with the first two rows facing forward and the third row facing rear, and also with the stainless-steel fold-down rear platform. The E60 is also golf course capable with its turf-friendly tires, meaning everyone in your group has a spot to ride along! The E60 is also fantastic for fleet/commercial purposes such as shuttling multiple people at local events, ride-sharing for festivals, and even joyriding with friends and family to enjoy neighborhood holiday decorations. 

Why Choose an Epic Golf Cart?

Epic leads the industry in providing one of the most luxurious golf carts at an unbeatable price point in the market. Between the standard lavish features of technology and comfort, top-notch driveline, superior customer support, zero maintenance, and glamorous appearance, you can trust that the Epic is the ultimate choice for your new golf cart!

Epic Golf Carts for Sale in Kissimmee

Epic Carts has reimagined the golf cart experience, setting a new standard in the industry with its lavish features and uncompromised quality. If you’re ready to elevate your ride and experience the pinnacle of golf cart luxury, DeBary Golf Carts is your gateway to owning an Epic cart. 

We invite you to contact us and see firsthand how an Epic cart can enhance your lifestyle. Whether for golfing adventures, neighborhood commutes, or simply enjoying the pleasure of driving a top-tier electric vehicle, DeBary Golf Carts is here to make your transition to an Epic life seamless and satisfying. Reach out today, and let’s embark on a journey of elegance and efficiency on wheels with your Epic cart.

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