Demystifying LSVs: The Road-Worthy Golf Carts You Need to Know About
Demystifying LSVs: The Road-Worthy Golf Carts You Need to Know About

Demystifying LSVs: The Road-Worthy Golf Carts You Need to Know About

November 1, 2023

Demystifying LSVs: The Road-Worthy Golf Carts You Need to Know About

As you shop around for a golf cart, you will likely notice that the terms “LSV” and “street legal” are becoming more and more common. But what exactly is an LSV/street legal golf cart? We’re here to explain far beyond what they are, including the benefits and how you can become the proud owner of one today! Read on to learn more. 

LSV/Street Legal Meaning

LSV stands for “low-speed vehicle,” and street legal means that the cart is equipped with DOT requirements, allowing it to be driven on any public roadway with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less. This is incredibly convenient if you like to take your golf cart with you when you travel, as not every city and town has a golf cart-friendly ordinance. Still, with a properly equipped LSV, you can access roadways you wouldn’t usually be capable of traveling on with your golf cart.

Licensing and Titling

With an LSV street legal golf cart, you can put a license plate on your cart. Here in Florida, the tag will be identical to an automotive tag and have a yearly sticker with a valid vehicle registration. This legally allows you to operate on roadways posted at 35 mph or lower, just like a regular automobile. 

An LSV golf cart will also come with a 17-digit VIN and a Florida title with the “Low-Speed Vehicle” branding. One of the most significant benefits of buying your LSV golf cart from us here at DeBary Golf Carts is we are a licensed franchise vehicle dealer, so we do all the work for you in regards to obtaining your tag, doing your title transfer, and even the ability to provide you with a 30-day temporary tag. In contrast, your permanent tag is processed through the DMV, so your cart is immediately ready to use! 


Because of the DOT requirements, LSV carts must be equipped to be street legal; they are significantly safer than a standard non-LSV golf cart. Features that are required are…

  • seatbelts (either lap belts OR over the shoulder)
  • DOT-grade windshields (either glass or 2-piece fold-down)
  • Headlights
  • high beams
  • taillights
  • turn signal indicators
  • brake lights
  • audible horn
  • reverse alarm
  • 25 mph speed capability
  • license plate light 

These are all features that a golf cart is required to have to be considered street legal. This makes the golf cart very safe regarding visibility to other drivers around you and more confident in the event of a collision. 


Having an LSV golf cart makes local transportation much easier regarding the places you can go! As our communities grow with new residents by the day, using an LSV golf cart eases a local commute by avoiding heavy automotive traffic. Most of Florida’s golf cart-friendly cities even have specific roadways and parking only for golf carts. Some schools have also adopted a designated path for dropping off and picking up your kids on your golf cart. 

LSV street legal golf carts are an exceptional form of alternative local transportation-work, school, extracurriculars, grocery store, dinner outings, neighborhood meet-ups, local parks, playgrounds, sports games, and so much more! Check out DeBary Golf Carts for your new LSV street legal golf cart! 

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